I think fingerprint identification is great. It is fast and so much easier than remembering passwords and secret codes. Apparently it is easy to hack, all you need is some plasticine, dental mould and a 3D printer...

But I have to admit that my biggest concern is not the plasticine and dental mould trick. When setting up fingerprint scanning for the first time I paused and thought, "Is this really a good idea Jon? What if someone chops off my finger to get on my phone?". For the same reason I absolutely refuse to use the face scanning tool.

Now I'm sure that the gruesome dismembering of digits with a cigar cutter only happens in action films. And after all, there's not much on my phone other than a facebook and pics of the family. But there's something reassuring about knowing that a dead finger will soon be useless to the 'bad guys'.

Sounds like it might work with zombies too, which is good.

The tech works by detecting micro beads of sweat on the finger, which it takes as a sign of life.  I wonder whether it can detect alcohol in that sweat? A phone that knows when you're drunk and really shouldn't be texting - I can definitely see some uses for that.